Country Club Drive Burbank, CA
Country Club DriveBurbank, CA

ALERT: Bear Sightings


On the night of May 11, 2017 at approximately 8:00 PM, a Burbank couple visiting the canyon for a leisurely walk were startled by the sight of a large black bear at the 1000 block of Country Club Drive. They called 911, and Burbank Police dispatched an air ship with the night-sun light to look for the animal. After the helicopter left, a resident spotted what appeared to be a cub grabbing trash, then proceeding up the hill. A few minutes later, a larger bear began digging through their neighbor's trash. Police were once again called. This time, officers in a police vehicle spotted the large bear, and rang their siren in an attempt to scare the animal back up the mountain.


These may be the same bears seen about two weeks ago a few miles away across the mountain in Glendale.


Further sightings where reported the next day (May 12)  in the same general vicinity. Story developing.


Please report sightings to Burbank Police, and follow bear safety recommendations.




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